How to use The Original Bourbon Club E-Store

Visit eStore here:
Password: bourbon2020

  1. Select your apparel items for purchase. All Lands End apparel should be available for purchase.
  2. No promotional items are available in our store. These items usually require a minimum purchase.
  3. When you select an item, the next step is to select a logo. You should SELECT LOGO 1605284.
  4. The next step is to select a location. SELECT CHEST LEFT SIDE. The logo will be embroidered on each item ordered, with the size 2″ x 1.43″. The stitch color is set and cannot/should not be changed.
  5. Click on APPLY LOGO.
  6. Click on ADD TO BAG.
  7. At this point, you can continue to shop for other items or proceed to checkout. Click on desired option.
  8. If you click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, you can review your items and revise quantities, remove from bag or continue to shop.
  9. When you are done shopping, click on START SECURE CHECKOUT.
  10. You will be a new customer, so click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  11. Complete the new customer form, selecting a user name and password. Once completed, click to continue.
  12. Enter in shipping information.
  13. Enter in your payment information.
  14. Review your order for shipping address, payment and shipping method.
  15. Once satisfied, click PLACE ORDER.